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Buying Your Prints

Buying Your Fine Art Prints

So - now proceed to buy your images!

Fine Art UK has developed a reputation for tasteful imagery of the female form - suitable for display in a wide range of environments.

None the less, it is appreciated that potential purchasers wish to display them in a variety of ways - hence we offer a range of options to ensure that you receive the image you wish in a format that suits your particular requirement.

This complexity of this diverse range - does not lend itself to “E” purchase and hence we ask that once you have selected the image you are interested in, you:- 

  1. Framed, Limited edition print from Fineart UKNote the number and title of the image(s)
  2. Decide if you require the single image, or the set of three
  3. Decide if you require a:-
    • Acrylic Print Each limited to 10 pics, usually 150x100cm   
    • Canvas Stretched Print Limited Edition runs of 10,          Usually 1500x1000mm, but other sizes are available,
    • Framed Print Limited Edition, (42 x 29 cm image size)    The Frames are carefully selected to augment the image
    • Un-framed, un-mounted prints - typically:-
      • 42 x 29 cm
      • 29 x 21 cm
      • 24 x 12 cm
  4. Click on your selected size / type choice (above) for details of the prices
  5. Click on the e-mail link at the bottom of the page to e-mail us with the details of your purchase
  6. Remember to include your address so that we can include the price of postage in your quote.
  7. After receiving your quotation, if you wish to proceed,. follow the instructions in the e-mailed quote.
  8. Sit back and await the arrival of your Fine Art Images 



Acrylic Print 10 print limited editions

This method of presentation is truly “Spectacular”, with the image being printed onto sturdy 2cm Acrylic that gives a sheen and strength to the picture.

To add to the feeling of strength, the acrylic is set off from the wall 3 cm by sturdy brushed Aluminum studs that provide sturdy mounts to ensure the safety of your treasured picture. 

This also makes ani deal method of presentation in clubs, bars etc where security is also important.

Canvas Stretched Print (10 print limited editions)

The majority of our images are ideally suited to being printed on canvas  to grace the walls of your home, club, bar  or hotel.

Available in a variety of sizes to suite your individual requirements - but ideally suited to 150 cm x 100 cm.

Printed directly on to high quality heavy duty canvas with stable long life, fade resistant inks, which is stretched over strong 4.5x2.5 cm batons. As can be seen to the right, the print wraps seamlessly round the corners for a clean finish.

The Canvases are supplied complete with hangers, but as the total weight is only 2.75 kg,  a single mount is all that is required to attach it safety to your wall.

Art Nude print, framed with a simple frame that complimets and accentuates this simple Black and White depiction of a captivating model.

Framed Print. (limited to 49 Prints)

Again, available in a in a variety of sizes to suite your individual requirements - but here, ideally suited to a print size of 42 c 30 cm.

We stock a wide range of frames - but carefully select frames to deliver sympathetic match with the image you have chosen. If you have any specific requirements in terms of Colour or finish, please do not hesitate to ask as this can often be accommodated for no additional charge.

The pictures themselves are printed with long life, fade resistant inks on to heavy weight, Ultra White, Smooth, Glossy premium papers, but other finishes are available on request.

As with all our products, they are carefully and individually packaged for your order and dispatched via trackable courier to the address you supply. y

Mounted Prints. (limited to 49 Prints)

Designed to allow YOU to mount your selected picture in your own, perhaps treasured frame. 

As with all the images, our mounted prints are signed, limited editions and come with their own individual “Picture Passport that gives you your guarantee of authenticity. 

The prints are carefully and individually mounted in sturdy 2 mm card that is carefully bevel cut to best present your chosen image. If white is not what you want - we do have a large selection of other colours from which you can choose.

As with all our products, they are carefully and individually packaged for your order and dispatched via trackable courier to the address you supply.

We can easily supply images for you that have beencarefully mounted in quality, bevel cut  card if you wish.
Our sturdy postal tubes protect the pictures as they speed from us to you.

Un-mounted Prints

We understand that you may simply want an unsigned “free Run print for your collection - or that you may wish to mount and frame yourself and hence we have a wide selection of images available for you in this form. dispatched via trackable courier to the address you supply.

The prints are available in a range of sizes, usually from 30 x 25 cm up to 150 x 100 cm. We take just as much care with these prints as with any other image that you may order from us and to ensure that they reach you safely, we dispatch them in sturdy cardboard mailers that will protect them on their journey from us to you.

You pick the image or images that you want from our dynamic collection, tell us what size and finish you want, and we will send you a quotation and then if you want to go ahead, we will invoice you for payment which can be made by bank transfer or PAYPAL and dependent on the finish you want, your picture could be with you in days. If you have ANY questions, please just ask!


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