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In Celebration of The Female Form

Commercial Fine Art

Commercial       Fine Art Prints

There is a rapidly increasing number of companies around the UK set up to satisfy growing demand to display, share, and enjoy works of art in domestic and commercial environments.

These are usually organisations with a broad range of images at their disposal, however, in order to satisfy as many markets as possible, the images can sometimes be seen as not satisfying any market in particular.

If you would like to see the images featured in the examples on this page in more detail, simply click on them to see a medium resolution copy

Acrylic Print mounted above a stair way to the restaurant.ll

Fine Art UK is focused on one Art Genre, - that of the Female Form.

Defining Decor for                         Clubs & Bars, Health & Beauty Studios, Boutique Hotels,

A Tasteful Nude carefully selected for a Gentlemans Club in the Middlands

If you’re looking to add sophistication or make a statement with your interior design or décor, then Fine Art UK will work with you to deliver what you’re looking for.

You wont have to work through a middle man or agent who will be passing on a commission as well as the Art Work.

Fine Art UK has over 3000 open edition Fine Art Photographic Images (many available as signed limited editions) that can be produced in a size & on a material to suit YOUR, ambiance or architecture, design and image.

Fine Art UK is focused on creating and supplying Fine Art Photography and Bespoke Fine Art Images from stock or to YOUR requirement in Boutique hotels, Clubs, Bars, Health and Beauty Studios worldwide.

Our portfolio in this area is extensive, and for ease of access is catalogued under titles such as ARCHITECTURAL, RURAL, LOCATION, STUDIO, etc. all however have one central theme                                             In Celebration of the Female Form”

Although delivering ART, Fine Art UK is founded in a solid commercial background & we are acutely aware that businesses have hugely differing requirements for & of their Art,

As such, we have formulated a range of commercial solutions to suit YOUR specific requirements.

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Beauty Spas and Health Clubs

Obviously, no matter how “Arty” Female Nudes, can not be exhibited in all environments - however all the pictures in our extensive portfolio, have been carefully composed to suit specific environments

Calm, Peace and Serenity were in the mind of the Photographer, Artistic Director and Model for the numerous shots taken to adorn the walls of Health Clubs and Beauty Spas.

Contemplative Fine Art images - ideally suited to  setting the scene in Health Spas and  Alternative Therapy Centres
"Globe Spotting" in a prominant position at a leading Health and fitness club in Swindon

Here a common theme is that of Yoga - or “The Female form in Sympathy with the beauty of Nature”.

Such is the scope of our portfolio, that we will probably be able to supply suitable images to match your colour scheme too!

This picture was carefully selected to  exactly match the theme of the bedroom in this Boutique hotel
Boutique Hotels

In common with most industries, the Hoteliers are continually striving to differentiate their offering from that of the opposition

An increasing number of Boutique hotels are attracting their clientele by offering guests an over all “Experience”, - which includes a cultural environment - often focusing on “Art”.

However, whilst striving to present an “Eclectic” collection, - it can easily be taken to be a “mish mash” of styles, content, colour and presentation.

Fine Art UK is able to offer a specialised service in designing, creating, framing and presenting a complete “look” for the venue - or simply to produce individual “Feature” images for strategic locations that will augment an existing intimate ambiance, or deliver a stunning contrast requiring “Focus”.    

The Oppulent Nude in this picture was shot specifically to match the richness of this splended bedroom in a boutique hotel in the Midlands.
The Nude in this rural setting blended pertfectly with the  decor of the batroom in this Boutique hotel in East Anglia
The stark simplicity of this bedroom dictated that a  specific image was  selected to match this "classy" setting
The warmth of the fine woodwork of this ensuite facility  required an equally warm image - and the blend of the old and modern works superbly well.
Clubs and Bars
A typical example of a Fine Art Print installed in a Night Club

Clubs, Bars and Restaurants are increasingly delivering an over all “Feel” - most often delivered by decoration and light.

However the inclusion of carefully selected Fine Art Imagery can provide a huge differentiator to YOUR venue - and deliver a valued addition to the theme of the premises. 

Strategically placed images can guide customers into specific areas, break uninteresting spaces, provide talking points - and so much more.

You can commission us to deliver images throughout your venue, or for a few select locations. Alternatively, you can select suitable images from our rich portfolio. The choice is yours.

You’ll be amazed at the effect the art will have on your ambiance - and, we hope, how delighted you’ll be at the cost. Contact us to find out just how much.....

Working with you from design to delivery

Fine Art UK will work directly with you - or interior design teams to achieve your aims.

We can work directly with the owner or manager of the venue, designer or architect from the earliest stages to work through the initial design period to ensure that if suitable images are  not available from our extensive repertoire, that the precise requirement is understood for the shoot.

The process doesn’t end there either, - decisions on the media , (Canvas, Acrylic, Print etc) are discussed and carefully considered during the selection of mounts, frames & mountings to ensure that the images are an integral element of the décor - not a miss matched after thought.

Fine Art UK will strive to deliver images that enhance your venue, but will also project “management” from first contact to final hanging - delivering the perfect service that ensures YOUR artwork will be hanging on your walls on time and on budget.

The designer here wanted a "fun" image to contrast with the tradittional pictures and Object d'art that filled the room. - Fine Art Uk supplied the solution.
Contact us to discuss how you can benefit from the advantages resulting from incorporating Fine Art images in YOUR venue !
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