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From time to time there are events connected with our activities that have a broader interest and we feel may be of note to those who visit our web site.

The items below fall into that category and we hope that you too will find them of interest and add to your enjoyment of and involvement in Fine Art photography. 

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 Public Exhibitions                        Updates                               Dec 2009

2009 looks as though it will be the start of a very exciting time for Fine Art UK  as the two public showings (below) were very well received and there are many more on the books for 2010 - including a very exciting opportunity to be involved in the 2010 Welsh National Eisteddfod (Visual Arts) exhibition.

Part of Fine Art UK's Exhibition at Greenham Arts near Newbury.However, for the moment, here to the left is a view of some of the  images exhibited at the Greenham Art Show Newbury) as detailed "The Tree" hanging in its prominent position at the 10th Anniversary celebrations at Nuffield Health and Fitness Centre in Swindon on Dec 06th 2009.  below.

The image to the right was taken towards the end of the celebrations to celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Nuffield Health and Fitness Swindon facility.

Keep returning to this site to see more examples of  Fine Art UK  exhibiting around the UK - and beyond!   


 Public Exhibition   New Greenham Art (Newbury)    Dec 06th 2009

Art, “is in the eye of the beholder” and on December 06th you will have the opportunity to via - at first hand a number of Tony Orwin’s limited addition prints, canvases and acrylics at an exhibition held in the New Greenham Arts Christmas exhibition.

Follow this link to see details of the Christmas Exhibition at New Greenham Arts.In addition to seeing an exciting collection from Tony’s dynamic, stimulating and thought provoking collection, you will have the opportunity to purchase the works at a special exhibition rate - and just in time for Use this link to see details of the FREE Bus service from Newbury to the ExhibitionChristmas. For details of the exhibition, just follow the link in the logo to the left.

All you have to do, is just get to Newbury - as there is a regular FREE regular Bus service from the town out to the site - details of which can be found by following the link in the bus.

Use this link to request further details from us about the exhibitionWe look forward to seeing you in person, - but if you want any more details - just drop us a line by using this link  


 Public Unveiling     Nuffield Fitness & Wellbeing       Nov. 28th 2009

"The Tree", a delightful, reflective Yoga based pose captured in a typical English Forest setting in the CotswoldsFollowing “Hot on the Heels” of the Swindon Exhibition (See Below) Fine Art UK  is delighted to have been asked to create a series of Art Nude Canvas Prints on a Yoga theme to grace the walls of Swindon’s prestigious  “Nuffield Fitness & Wellbeing” health club in Greenbridge.

Nick Moreton, manager of Swindon's Nuffield Fitness & Wellbeing Club in GreenbridgeManager Nick Moreton, will unveil the “44x36” Fine Art Canvas “The Tree” commissioned especially for the Health Club, at the 10th Anniversary, Black Tie event on 28th November. Nuffield look to improve the whole being - not just “the physical” and hence they are well known for delivering much more than “just a gym”  

An obvious Art lover himself, Nick commented that “The club is not just about the physical aspects of Fitness, but also in improving the whole person. We host a range of events and projects to assist the members in their goal of improving themselves and their community. My colleagues and I in turn here at the Club try to improve their environment here with us - such as with examples of art from Fine Art UK .“

Fine Art UK is delighted to have been selected to deliver works of art for the club and its members. 

use this link to Nuffield's Exclusive Web offer to sample the  range of facilities in the club. If you would like to visit the club to sample its wide range of facilities, follow the link in the logo and use the Web exclusive offer now.   


 Exhibition                    SWINDON                  Sept 11th-13th 2009 

"Play it again Sam" a classic Fine Art image available in a 10 run limited edition on 48" x 36" acrylic.The chances for Artists to exhibit Art works in the UK are relatively limited, however the Open Studios movement is enabling Artists from across the broad range of disciplines to have their work seen, appreciated and purchased.

Use this link to navigate to the Swindon Open Studios Web siteSwindon’s Open Studios program for 2009 saw a huge increase in the number of artists taking part rising from 18 in 2008 to over 80 in 2009. over the sunny weekend, hundreds of Art lovers were able to wonder the streets and lanes surrounding Swindon to sample the eclectic delights of exhibited by the artists in Galleries, Libraries, Cafe’s and even within the Artists homes.

During the run of the Open Studios, Fine Art UK received a fantastic range of visitors to the gallery inn Old Town Swindon that was showing over 90 pieces from the extensive portfolio, - including 3 new Limited Edition acrylics intended display in Clubs. - One of these “Play it again Sam was actually taken in the “World” restaurant in Central Swindon.

It is expected that there will be news of three more exhibitions in the near future, so please return to the site often to check for details. 


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