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The Fine Art UK Team 

Tony at "Rest" - with a  Camera mid shoot  on the West Wales Coast near Tenby

In the main, - the photography on this site has been produced by Tony Orwin - although some of the images of Rosemarie have been taken by other photographers (as indicated). Here are a few words of introduction from Tony.

I have been in the Broadcast industry from my early teens - embarking on the road to serve "The Media" as a DJ on a Radio Station in the Middle East.

Roughly at the same time, my father, - an avid amateur photographer himself, - introduced me to the wonders of the Dark Room - and so began the fascination with photography that has continued to this day.

My focus was diverted as I matured and I spent many years in Television as a Cameraman, Editor, Director and eventually, - Producer.

The advent of digital technology in Television, lead me logically back to my first love - Photography.

Over the years, my photographic "apprenticeship" saw me variously as:-

  • A Wedding Photographer in the Middle East and Caribbean,
  • A Landscape Photographer in Europe and UK
  • An Aeronautical Photographer in Europe

However, - although the images that I was producing were technically good and aesthetically pleasing - I was aware that there was “something” missing.

Tony at work with a model on location in Sardinia
Rosemarie in a Classic Greco Roman Pose

Eventually, after I met and married my wife - Rosemarie, I became aware of where my photography should have been taking me over the years. You see Rosemarie is a talented and highly successful professional model - and in an effort to support her photographic modelling career, I picked up my camera once again to enhance her portfolio. You can see some of the results on her web site -

It slowly dawned on me that THIS was where my heart lay - taking photos of beautiful women and creating entrancing works of FINE ART!

The Third member of the initial team was Coral - whose career as a Life Model stretches back to the 1980's.

It was Coral who initially gave Rosemarie the idea and inspiration to take up a career in modelling and hence she, Fine Art UK and I, have a great deal to thank her for.

During the early days of Fine Art it was Coral who encouraged me to become a more adventurous Photographer and was responsible for many of my early successes. I owe her a great deal and it is a great pity that she is no longer actively modelling.  None the less as a team member, you can find out more about Coral here

Coral on a typically dynamic location shoot for FineArt UK
Tony, hard at work with Model Jade in Madeira

In the intervening years, Rosemarie’s career as a model has blossomed and her activities as a photographic and Glamour Model continue to grow attracting an increasing variety or work in the UK, Spain, Portugal and beyond.

Similarly, as the range, scope and quality of Tony’s work grew, he traveled more widely to create the thought provoking images that he has become so well known for.

Fine Art UK images are being seen in wider variety of venues. Initially, private individuals purchasing the images to adorn homes, but as our reputation became more wide spread, Clubs, Restaurants  

Boutique Hotels, Fitness Clubs and Health Spas are now also appreciating how Fine Art images can add to their ambiance.

You will also be able to view our images at a growing number of exhibitions around the UK.

Rosemarie in a fashion shoot in "Tropical climes".

Throughout our history, Rosemarie supported Tony from the early days and her skills as a model assisted him greatly to form the initial stock of images that are available through FINE ART UK.

She continually supported Tony’s aims and ideals and now often accompanies him as Artistic Director on shoots around Europe.

You can find out more about Rosemarie here.

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